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Fine chemicals

In this field, our services can be grouped into two areas; one is to supply our own high quality fine chemicals produced using our own technology, and the other is custom manufacturing production. These activities are all based on our extensive accumulated knowledge in the areas of research/production, technology/QC/QA. Also we are engaged in constant efforts to devise new ideas and technologies so that we can position ourselves in the top group of the sector. We are proud of our developmental capabilities and our ability to respond swiftly to meet customer requirements. A comprehensive package deal from the research level to commercial production is offered.

Historically Chemicrea is strong in the area of halogenation, as that was the basis of our foundation. Our current capability has, however, significantly diversified to meet a wide array of challenging requirements put to us by customers. We have unique abilities in the field of reaction chemistry including the Grignard reaction, Acid chloride synthesis, Hydrogenation and methylation.

The following are just a few examples of application our products are under development:
•Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC)
•Metal extractants

Please feel free to contact us. We welcome your enquiries, even if they are not directly related to the product types shown in the list. There are more technologies /know-how behind the curtain. We are more than happy to help you solve any problems you may have.

Our strengths


Variety of reactions such as bromination, chlorination, grignard reactions, acid chloride synthesis, hydrogenation and methylation.


Unique products such as Bromoacetic acid, Chlorohexanol and Vitamin K2


Unique equipment such as acid-resistant rectification equipment, liquid substance API manufacturing equipment, autoclaves and GL pressure filtration dryers.


Proposal of production process is available through our own know-how and investigation on public information.

Custom manufacturing is one of our main services.


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