Research, Development and Production of Fine Chemicals and Biocides

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Company outline



Chemistry is truly linked to wide-reaching industrial fields,
and serves as the key to innovation that affords boundless possibilities.

I believe that our history has been built up through continuous effort of 'production' by all of our people to meet each customer's needs and up to date social requirements. 
'Production' is not only manufacturing chemicals but also building up all of our people's tangible and intangible assets incessantly, always seeking further assets of each individuals, with enjoying the process of innovation. It should lead to the additional assets and prosperity of the company as a consequence.
My wish is successive contribution to all of our customers and society by using always advancing our technologies and knowledges.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of our customers and partners who have given us ideas and opportunities along the way, as these have formed the foundation of our business.
Continuous support and close relationship with all of our customers and partners are highly appreciated because it is indispensable to continue my wish.

President&CEO Atsushi Yamamura

Company Philosophy

It is important to follow the principle and rationality instead of short term gains and personal desires.
Living within our means and not being swayed by personal desires leads to long term prosperity. Guided by this philosophy, our goal is to develop Chemicrea as a sound and sustainable company, and thus actively contribute to society, through going forward on main business line.

Origin of name

The name "Chemicrea" is a combination of the words "chemical" and "creation", and express the "Innovative Growth through Chemicals". We achieve this by stable supply of high quality products to worldwide customers by using accumulated technologies developed in the field of organic synthetic chemistry.

Company outline

Name Chemicrea Inc.
Head office VPO Higashinihonbashi, 9F
3-4-13 Higashinihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0004, Japan
Establishment 1955/4/11
Board members President and CEO      Atsushi Yamamura
Director                     Shigeru Kunii
Director                     Takashi Tate
Auditor                      Yasuyuki Takagi
Description of business  Manufacture, sale, import and export of fine chemicals and industrial biocides
soil conditioner
Onahama Plant/R&D Insutitute 1-133 Aza-Ohtsurugi,Shimogawa,Izumimachi,Iwaki-shi,Fukushima
Capital 100 million yen
employees 130


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