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CHEMICREA endorses the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
advocated by the United Nations.
We will contribute to the well-being of the people through
the fine chemicals and APIs we produce and continue
our corporate activities in harmony with society and the environment.
We are also committed to creating a healthy and safe work
environment for our employees and developing human resources.


Product and Service Initiatives

“Contribution to society” is part of our corporate value.
Our mission is to provide a stable supply products and services as
a supplier in the manufacture of BIOCIDES (widely used in personal
care, household products and various industrial processes), fine
chemicals and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
We will contribute to the well-being society with high quality and advanced synthetic technologies.

Environmental initiatives

We recognize that it is important to protect the health and safety
not only of our employees but also of everyone in the local
community and to preserve the global environment. We conduct 
EHS activities in which all employees participate.
We conduct risk assessments at every stage from research to
commercial production and continue regular health and safety
As part of its commitment to environmental protection,the company
strives to reduce industrial waste and wastewater by developing 
environmentally friendly technologies and installing energy-saving
facilities and equipment at its production sites, and implementing
"recycle, reuse, reduce" practices.

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Climate change initiatives

We recognize that the reduction of greenhouse gases that cause climate change is an important issue in achieving a sustainable society. To proactively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we obtained SBT (Science Base Targets) certification in March 2024 and aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2030 based on 2021 figures.

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Initiatives to Create a
Work-Friendly Environment

To create a safe and healthy work environment for all employees,
we are working to reduce overtime,create a harassment-free
workplace and achieve work-life balance.
Based on the belief that individual growth is essential for the
company's sustainable growth, we develop human resources by
leveraging the strengths of each employee and providing support for self-development and skill enhancement.

Commitment to Trustworthy and
responsible corporate activities

As a company responsible for manufacturing and supplying products
that contribute to the people's well-being, CHEMICREA is committed
to strict compliance with laws and regulations and social ethics,
including the implementation of transparent and fair transactions,
the protection of human rights in the supply chain, the appropriate
management of chemical substances.
We also conduct ongoing training and education to prevent or
minimize damage in the event of disasters, cyber-attacks and other risks, and implement BCP and information security measures to
quickly restore business operations.

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